Lunascape Features

InReach interface

Do you get tired from constantly moving you fingers here and there across the screen to tap tabs and menus? Do you find you have to clean your screen often? The InReach interface alleviates these problems by placing tabs and menu buttons at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to perform almost all operations, including switching tabs by a thumb slide, from the bottom of the screen, with two hands on iPad and one hand on iPhone. The number of hand movements are thus kept to a minimum - this "just grab it and use it" concept is a key point of Lunascape.

Switch tabs with thumb slide

Jumping between tabs is easy and fast with a "thumb slide" action, making it a trivial task to activate the tab you want with the same hand you are holding the device with.

Restore your tabs

Any tabs that are open when closing Lunascape are restored and displayed when restarting Lunascape.

Display search results and bookmarks in a new tab

In Lunascape, there are two settings for opening pages in a new tab. First, you can specify that search results should automatically open in a new tab. Second, you can specify whether or not to open bookmarks in a new tab. These settings are both convenient if you don't want to leave the current page when searching or browsing bookmarks.

Save capture

 Are you going somewhere you can't connect to the internet before you could finish reading a page? Just save it in Lunascape and read it later offline. Lunascape is a truly mobile browser that lets you view web pages anywhere, anytime.

User Agent

Change the user agent to one of your preferred browsers.


You can print sites or documents you come across while browsing if your printer supports AirPrint.

Easy searching

Tapping the search button in the lower left corner brings up the search box with buttons for major search sites listed below it, including Amazon, Wikipedia etc.

Powerful tabbed browsing

Web pages are located and kept active in each separate tab. You can easily jump between them and YouTube video can be loaded at the same time while you are reading a Web page on another tab. Copy Links or open links in new tabs (foreground or background).

Open up to eight multi-tasking tabs for opetimized performance.

New tabs and background tabs

Hold down on a link or picture to display the tap-hold menu. To open it in a new active tab, select "Open Link in New Tab", and to open it in a background (inactive) tab select "Open in Background Tab".

Find In Page

Use the Find In Page function to locate a word within the page currently visible on your screen. When you execute a Find In Page search, the number of search hits will be displayed, and the search string will be highlighted wherever it appears within the page.

Save pictures

Holding down on a picture will display the tap-hold menu, in which you can select "Save Image" to save the picture as a file. It will then show up in the "Files" list.

Context Menu

Context Menu is added, including save page, files, print, find in page, add to favorite and setting.

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